April 02, 2023




New York- and Miami-based Lava Studio has signed Jon Sandberg of SandbergReps to help it pursue new business in entertainment, sports and new


Lava Studio owner Robert Kirkpatrick and Creative Director David Woodward have each previously worked with Sandberg, and the reunited trio has big plans for expanding Lava’s reach. Lava has worked for such entertainment clients as CBS Sports, MLB Network, Disney Plus, Netflix, Discovery, Fox, CBS, TV-3 and Blumhouse, among others. The agency offers such services as brand strategy, show packages, main titles, production and visual effects. 


Sandberg is known through his work with such creative companies as Northern Lights, Broadway Video, Company 3, Bionic, Black Spot and Definition 6. He has connected his companies with creative projects for ABC, A+E Networks, Amazon, ESPN, HBO, MTV, Nat Geo, Nickelodeon, Showtime Networks as well as directly to such brands as LG, Walmart and more.


“With Jon’s impressive connections and deep understanding of our industry, Lava will continue to expand,” said Lava Managing Director/EP Dana Bonomo in a statement. “Lava has thrived for 23 years primarily through reputation and repeat business. SandbergReps will help us bring Lava’s unique original design to a wider spectrum of networks and brands.”


“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Robert and David again after all these years,” said Sandberg, also in a statement. “I’ve always known them to be visionaries and the extraordinary work Lava and its creative team continues to produce is a testament to their collective vision.”


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(August 30, 2021) – Customer experience and creative marketing agency Definition 6 has retained Jon Sandberg of Sandberg Reps to represent the Atlanta- and New York City-based agency to entertainment and media clients. Sandberg has represented agencies to such networks and services as ABC, A+E Networks, Amazon, ESPN, HBO, MTV, Nat Geo, Nickelodeon, Showtime Networks and more.


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NEW YORK, NY (July 29, 2020)


Creative agency Black Spot has joined SandbergReps’ growing network of represented companies


Having just come off one of its most ambitious jobs to date, the production of Peacock’s massive Digital Launch Campaign, Black Spot, Gotham’s premiere creative agency and content creator, is ready to meet its next big challenge and has enlisted the services of SandbergReps to help pave the way.


“Black Spot boasts one of today’s strongest creative teams, providing industry-leading creative services and world-class marketing content to the entertainment industry,” said SandbergReps’ founder and president Jon Sandberg. “I’m honored that Black Spot has entrusted SandbergReps to help facilitate their sales efforts by connecting them with our company’s prestigious roster of industry contacts.”


With its core staff and state-of-the-art facilities located in New York City, one of Black Spot’s particular strengths is that the company has the flexibility and nationwide resources to scale-up on a moment’s notice to handle any size job, even during lockdowns due to COVID-19.


“SandbergReps’ has an excellent reputation for identifying tremendous projects that are a perfect fit for their clients’ unique areas of expertise,” proclaimed Black Spot’s founder John Laskas. “Their matchmaking abilities are second-to-none. We’re thrilled to have SandbergReps assisting with Black Spot’s expanding sales efforts.”


As a leading sales rep agency, SandbergReps is dedicated to connecting content creators, promotion and marketing executives, ad agencies, and blue-chip brands to today’s leaders in the media production and post-production fields. In addition to Black Spot, SandbergReps is the exclusive sales agent for 2C Creative, located in Miami, Florida.


Headquartered in Manhattan’s SoHo district at 333 Hudson Street, Black Spot is a creative agency and production/post-production facility offering full-service, high-end production and marketing solutions across every traditional and new media platform.


For more information about SandbergReps, visit sandbergreps.com. For bookings and sales inquiries regarding Black Spot or other SandbergReps clientele, call (516) 554-3435 or submit your query via e-mail to info@sandbergreps.com.


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